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Thread: Tri Rebel resistor question

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    I'm a little curious about resisting a tri rebel b/b/w, because I'm upgrading my saber from a rebal star blue with a econ sound board and 4 aaa battery pack (6v total) to a nano biscotte v2. and 3.7 li ion battery. The Nano biscotte is currently out of stock, so while I patiently await for more stock, I wanted to go ahead and wire up my tri rebel to use with the econ board. I have the proper resistors for the two blue dies for a 3.7v power source, and on the wiring for my econ board I have the proper resistor for a single die rebel star blue.

    So my question is this, would it be relatively safe to run the tri rebel through the one resistor for the 6v power source AND the two resistors for the 3.7v source?

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    You're probably OK to do that, but it depends on the wattage of your resistor. You'll want a 3w resistor. Test it outside the saber and see if the resistor heats up to the point it's painful to touch. That means you need a resistor that handles more watts.

    I have a 2.7 ohm 3w that I would probably use for that.

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    Ok cool thanks, and looking back at past orders looks like the econ board has a 3.3ohm 5w resistor. And like I said this would just be temporary until the NB comes back into stock.


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