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Thread: Best way to make a violet/Purple blade?

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    Does this seem like a good idea. I like the concept of it

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    That's what I'm looking for! I want to tune my stunt saber (don't want sound) and would love to use variable resistors like this on a RGB tri cree. I can't find these tiny variable resistors, though... anyone have any sourcing? Is there such a thing as a tunable buck puck? Again, I really don't want sound.

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    The 6 wire buck pucks are tunable, but once you spend the money on those, and trying to fit everything into the saber, it's probably cheaper and easier to just put a sound card in. If you don't want it to actually make sounds, don't use a speaker.

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    I'm having trouble with the equivalency of a $50-$100 sound card (when I don't want sound) and a $15 buck puck. I'm new to this, but I must be missing something. Help?


    Ok, so The buck-pucks are adjustable, but can only handle one channel each, is that correct? Does that mean a sound card eliminates the need for a buck puck? Or does one just use resistors with a sound card? Suggestions for a sound card to use for adjustability if I'm not concerned with sound?

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    Change of tack: Say I just want a blue-violet. does anyone have a reference for different resistor loads to achieve different purples from a tri cree? And is white necessary, or just a red and blue? What would a custom red/blue/blue look like?

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    So the simplist thing to do is just order a handful of different sized resistors, everything from .5ohm to 2ohm and just test different resistor values until you hit that perfect color. All LEDs are slightly different from each other and batteries are always slightly different as well. Resistors are cheap, and it only takes like 5 extra minutes to find the right setting.

    Soundboards are the best way to go mainly because of ease of use. You plug it all up and if you want to change the shade of purple at any time, you just type a different value rather than having to rewire anything . And sound is just so much better lol

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    Yes, you would need a a buck puck for each LED as well as a potentiometer for the adjustment.

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    If it helps, I have heard that royal blue and deep red LEDs make for a better purple than regular red and blue LEDs. You can order custom Tri-Cree LEDs from this very store with both royal blue and deep red LEDs on them.

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