Ok, so I can't for the life of me figure out how I have this thing wired wrong, but I did find how to use a latching switch and get a "shimmer" on clash effect. Basically I have the negative from the battery pack going to the negative on the board, then spliced into that I have a latching switch. The other end of the latching switch has the negative from both the LED itself and the negative for the LED from the board. The positive from the LED goes right into the positive from the battery pack and positive on the board.

It gives me two brightness settings, the dimmer "setting" gives me the blink for activation and deactivation and the FoC. Turn the latching switch on and it goes to full brightness and the shimmer on clash effect, but no blink on activation or deactivation unless you turn the latching switch off. This also lets the setup get power to the LED without the sound. I'm not sure if how i have it will fry it or not, but so far it's been working, and if the sound card gets fried at least the LED will still light up Lol.