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Thread: Bounty hunter helmet project..... complete!

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    Default Bounty hunter helmet project..... complete!

    After MUCH design and fabrication Im proud to present my fully customized, Jedi bounty hunter helmet. It was absolutely as challenging as any saber Ive done to date. Super happy with the results though. Fits me so perfect. Rock solid and secure too. SO MANY HOURS OF SANDING!

    The coating is truck bed liner (similar to Rhino liner or Line-X). Really durable stuff with a nice texture and matte finish.

    Back venting. There will eventually be a 1.5" computer cooling fan installed here. Its on backorder.....

    Cutouts behind removable front guard. The front guard is held on with two rare earth magnets. Pops right off and on for when I need some extra venting.

    I began with a fiberglass airsoft mask that had a nice, close profile.

    Then I sculpted/blended a back half out of clay to make it a full coverage helmet.

    The plaster mold results from clay sculpting.

    The fiberglass straight out of the mold.


    Matching up the halves.

    I installed an adjustable helmet retention system out of a safety helmet. Also lined and padded the inside with eva foam and removable/washable padding.

    The ear-cups I made from 2" PVC tubing and domed stainless mesh. Very strong. The bump ring keeps them from getting crushed in case of impact. 16mm latching switch for the LED

    I made the housing from a 90* PVC elbow and installed some high intensity 5mm white LED's. I also put in a recharge port for the 7.4v battery system.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Lookin awesome!

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    I like it!
    The helmet has a Star Wars Force Unleashed Terror Trooper look to it. Cool!

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    Thanks guys. Was definitely a challenge and fun. But I certainly wont have to worry about seeing someone else in the same one! It really feels combat ready in the hands/on the head. Looking forward to starting on the armor next week.....

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    You know, sometimes I really HATE this forum! Every 2nd time I log in my to-do list gets a few new items longer, my schedule is already fully planned till my 60th birthday (and I am still soooo young)!
    This is awesome! I like it so much, it reminds me a bit of the bounty hunter helm of Ventress in Clone Wars Season 5, one of those last episodes. That matte black coating is suberb, I will search the net to see if anything similar is available in Germany.
    Please do a favor and post the armour as well, I have a feeling it will be formidable.

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    I love it. Nice job!
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    Great Job, looking forward to seeing the armor and helmet finished

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    Cool realisation....
    Specially with the fiber glas stuff


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