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Thread: Help With Fitting Components In A New Build

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    Hello everyone! I used to work on lightsabers around 6 years ago, converting a lot of MR sabers and I built a few MHS ones using MR sound boards. I started getting into sabers again and have been doing a lot of reading to try and get caught up. The technology has greatly improved so I have my work cut out for me. lol I know what I want in a saber but what I want and what is physically possible are 2 totally different things so I was hoping I could get some general information.

    For starters this is the hilt I want to make

    The double male 3 slotted extension piece is going to house the RCCU: Crystal Chamber Chassis

    What I would like is...
    Crystal Focus sound board
    R.I.C.E. and recharge port in pommel
    12w LED from Saber Forge for the blade
    NCR18650B battery pack
    RBG LED behind Crystal Chamber so the inner crystal will change colors in synch with the blade LED
    4 accent LED's on hilt
    Either an A/V set up like this,, with both on/off and secondary switch for FoC in a row or have the on/off hidden in the Covertec wheel and the secondary button on the hilt

    My first and most important question is will all of this fit inside of the hilt I want to make or would I have to make the 4 inch extension in the middle longer to accommodate all the internal parts?

    Would I need a v7 Crystal Focus board or can I use a Crystal Focus 6.50 LS?

    When I spoke to Saber Forge I was told that if I want to use a 12w LED I would need to have the NCR18650B battery pack. Will that be powerful enough to run everything of would I need a lower watt LED?

    Would I need a buck puck or a PowerXtender?

    And lastly what LED would be good to use to illuminate the Crystal Chamber Chassis?

    If there is anything else I missed on the list of things I would need please let me know. And by all means if anyone has any better suggestions I am all ears. Thank you in advance to any one who can help out.
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