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Thread: Video of my Jedi armor and MHS (And PVC) lightsaber in action

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    Default Video of my Jedi armor and MHS (And PVC) lightsaber in action

    Heres a video that me and my cousin did, I'm the one in the armor with the robe and blue lightsaber (the MHS one). The robes he's using was borrowed.

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    Nice. Very good looking.

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    So I have a new video, no armor this time but we refined the original duel and added more to it......Don't mind the saber parts flying everywhere

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    Nice force maneuver there... Force Pommeljack?

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    Lol, funny thing is that was the second time that saber broke, and the third time we broke a PVC saber. All I gotta say we're not going to duel with PVC sabers anymore.

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    Lol, cool. Hopefully you guys can get some MHS pieces for a ore durable saber done. I suggest a slanted type emitter for you and rounded type for your buddy. Just an idea though
    "Your move!" -Obi-wan kenobi-

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    I already have a extra MHS body, I just need a emitter and pomel. Funny thing is my sink tube saber is hella durable and I didn't think of using that one instead lol.


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