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Thread: The Adegan Relic - A High Powered Burning Laser Lightsaber

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    Yeah I will just keep this what it is: an awesome laser that looks like the iconic weapon of my childhood dreams

    Making a burning video soon....what should I destroy?

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    Lol! Yeah I guess that would be a good test. Instead of the artificial stuff.

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    Blindingly awesome!

    I second the real cheese. If you have any artistic hand, you could try wood burning to create a picture. Maybe get some small firecrackers (if they're legal where you live) from a distance. An experiment with one of these if you can get your hands on one, just to see how fast you can make it spin. Make a mock infomercial about the Adegan Relic and how well it slices and dices. It can cut through a wooden dowel and still slice through some cheese...
    The above statements GREATLY depends on what battery solution as well as what sound card you plan on using to run your saber. Limitations will probably apply. Your mileage may vary. Any visual impairments are the sole responsibility of the saber builder/user. - Forgetful Jedi Knight

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    Hahaha I love those ideas! The commercial would have to look like a slapchop commercial.

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