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Thread: My Custom MHS Saber

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    Very nice shroud work. I like the design.
    I'm showing up late to this thread, and haven't read all the comments, but wanted to make sure I put in my 2 cents about having some files for finishing the edges on the shroud. For mine, after cutting and before sanding, I used a file to smooth/even out the cut edges.
    Not sure if you knew that yet, but in case you didn't.
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    Default Shroud work done (21/04/15)

    Well guys here it is,
    After a year of on and off work Iv'e finally finished up the shroud. Just wanted to say thank to everyone that offered their advice and help, there were a lot of you!


    Now of course there is still a bit of work to do, gotta cut the pommel at some stage, attach a switch and covertec wheel (probably through the shroud), powder coat the shroud (thinking white), and add the planned leather.

    But for now at least I have it at a stage where it can accompany my costume If anyone has any pointers feel free to fire when ready, I'll continue to update the thread as i hit the above milestones
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    Hey guys, looks like I'll be working on the pommel end of the shroud and edges, does anyone have any tips on bevelling edges? Thanks to some great help Iv'e received already i'll be using hand files and sand paper to do the job. Just wondering if anyone has pointers of their own

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    i use jewelry files quite a bit. they're cheap and really good for finesse work if you're scared you're gonna take off to much with a larger file.

    **Edit** You could also use a piece of tape running parallel with the edge to give you a guide as to how much to file if you're filing a beveled edge. plus it helps act as a barrier to stop you from scratching up the shroud if the file slips.
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    Thank you cakira21

    Not sure if they are jewellers files, but they files I have are pretty small, If I went slow I think I'd be ok, and I didn't even think of the tape, I still have plenty of tape around after shroud cutting (and grid paper as well), either way should be perfect! Thanks again!

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    Hey guys

    At worst it'll be a few days for the tape and leather I need to arrive, although fingers crossed for a couple days at most so I can get spraying

    Just finished cutting/filing/sanding the pommel end, also notice I have some bevel edges; more so showing in the second pick (only some vertical lines)

    I'll continue to sand the inner shroud and nit pick some lines that could use a bit more work until everything arrives

    More to come as it happens!

    Also: If anyone has suggestions on what sort of white and black I should use in painting let me know! I'm thinking a chrome black (Thanks Cad-Bayne), but I can't decide on a closer to eggshell white or closer to a darker/greyish white for the shroud...

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    Hey guys,
    Painted the shroud today, things didn't quite go as smoothly as I would have liked but overall I think ended up ok.

    What do people think of the look? I'm kinda thinking I went too thick with the coat, a few problems resulted in spraying a bit more than I planned. I dunno I think it might just have lost a bit of it's edginess.

    I might be judging too early though, have to wait and see what it looks like once everything is dry and the main body done

    Also the leather came in today as well (most of it), still deciding on what combo to use

    Thanks guys

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    Hey guys,
    Iv'e run into a problem regarding spray paint thickness and the space between shroud and hilt main body. After painting the shroud I found that the shroud and main body would not fit, due to the paint coating the inside of the shroud.

    So I'm gonna have to reset the inside of the shroud by sanding off the paint, but this problem had me thinking about what to do for painting the main body itself. I'm guessing if I stick to the current method of using a primer and the black spray paint over a couple layers, i'll end up with a shroud that doesn't fit again :/

    Is there anything I can do to have paint and everything still fit?

    I thought about getting an all in one black paint/primer, or just trying no primer and a lacquer (I'll be grabbing a lacquer for the shroud anyway).

    I'll have an attempt being as thin as possible in coating but I think my chances are slim with how everything is going so far Especially considering i'd like a parts of the 'exposed' inner shroud (like the emitter end) painted as well, that's a lot of space I gotta find.

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    Do you need the inside of the shroud painted at all? Maybe the emitter end, where you do see the inside...but all you need are the decorative edges painted, not the inside of the will never see that part of it.

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    you'll have to sand the paint off of the ID of the shroud and sand the OD of the parts of the saber you want to paint. that way you'll have some clearance for the paint layer to fit between. it shouldn't take too much sanding to get the clearance you're looking for. just remember when you paint, even if you do several coats, when you spray a coat mist the paint light enough to where you can still see some of the layer below it but spray enough to where it's mostly covered. and give it a little time to dry, if you're using spray paint in the aerosol can maybe 5-10 min between coats then do another "mist" coat, and repeat until the part you wanted to paint is covered evenly. that should keep the paint layer nice and thin. most people will put several coats of paint on a part that they want painted and they'll spray it until it's completely covered each coat and they wind up putting way too much paint and they'll get runs everywhere and beading on the edges. and they'll have to sand it all off an start over. I hope it works out for you.

    **EDIT** to help you sand the inside of the shroud, get a dowel rod, and wrap the sandpaper around the dowel rod, use it as sort of a "sanding block"
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