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Thread: Noob of the day requesting help

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    I've had it done a little while now, but here are some pictures. Thanks again for your help FJK. Things went together really smoothly with only a few challenges. Like trying to tighten that AV switch. Tape on the top of it really helped


    The only thing I have left to do is add the power extender, which was out of stock when I ordered. I've configured it internally to make it easy to swap out the green tri-rebel with a deep red rebel, and I've ordered a royal blue rebel so I can do the same. Honestly, the red looks a bit goofy with the handle design and the green AV switch. I have plans to make a more Sith styled one as the dent in the chequing account diminishes, and for now I'm going to turn my attention toward making a stunt showpiece only. I'm going to find a nice piece of wood and carve it into a stunt Katana-style hilt. Since the LED could overheat, being wood, I'm only going to use a momentary switch in the circuit so I don't leave it on too long....but I think the design is worth attempting

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    Looks good. I'm glad to hear it was fairly easy for you.
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