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Thread: Please help with MWS for NB v2

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    Post Please help with MWS for NB v2

    Hello, this is my both my first post, and my first build...
    I have 0 experience with wiring and after spending 30+ hours (lurking) on this forum trying to understand wiring... I finally decided, well, what are forums for except for help?
    So, I figured that I would ask for either a) someone to help explain how the MWS will end up all hooked up with the Nano Biscotte b) someone to simply draw a diagram or provide a very clear picture of their setup.
    I am including:
    Nano Biscotte v2 with the wiring harness
    Rebel Star LED & MHS Heatsink Module
    Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 2600mAh PCB Protected Rechargeable Battery Module
    MWS Short Momentary 16mm AV Switch - Nickel
    MWS Recharge Port
    Premium 28mm Speaker

    Seeing as how I don't have any knowledge of wiring and tend to be very bad at most delicate things, I chose to make this saber using as much of the Modular Wiring System as possible...

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    First off, Welcome to the Forums.

    If you follow the wiring diagram in the manual, you basically plug the parts (LED, speaker, switch, battery) into the corresponding connector on the pre-wired NB. Once you get everything in hand, it'll make a little more sense to you. The diagrams are in the manual, for both the recharge port, and the NB general wiring diagram itself.
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    I created a Wiring Diagram over on

    It is not with the MWS, but it may help you see more clearly what connects where? And as FJK said, same info is also in the NBv2 manual

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