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Thread: Costumes

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    Default Costumes

    Remember, we'd like to SEE your costume so quality pics is a must. Full costume shots would be prefered. In-progress stuff is cool, but post those in a topic in the costuming forum.

    Follow the normal rules and all should be good. Get to posting and thanks for the suggestion countdown.
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    First picture in this thread. yay!
    my jedi costume:

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    Ive posted this before but here it is again for the new thread.

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    This is my current sith costume, I still need boots. I am using a black karate gi, black bdu pants, and black t-shirt. The leather belt is a medieval style belt.


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    i think i showed pics on the old forum,but oh well,hes more

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    Here's my Zabrek Jedi costume and makeup job:

    This was over 2 hours of makeup work here, but sooo worth it!

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    these are in the brotherhood thread, but i guess i can post them here too. just got new bodysuit the other day, and upcoming portumac rots armor is forthcoming too.

    i will update these photos when i get the new armor in, and everything setup.
    lightened shot

    unlightened shot

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