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Thread: CF 4.2 saber dropped and now won't function

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    I have a CF4.2 board that i just acquired. However there is no micro sd inside. i tried to look for the manual and the contents of the sd card on plecterlab's website and all i could find was a CF4.3 manual which states that all the soundfonts are in .raw format. All the soundfonts I could find on erv's website are in .wav format. I tried contacting the seller but there is no response from him. I also contacted Erv about it thru his website but so far there is no reply from Erv as well. By any chance, do you have the manual for CF4.2 and also the original contents of the micro sd?
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    I'm pretty sure I have the CF 4.3 Manual floating around in my archives, I'll take a look for it. I may also have the base package for CF's from that era as well. Again, I need to look. I personally retired the older CF's I had a few years ago. The font format changed once the CF 5's came out. There *may* be some *.raw sound fonts left on, but if not, I might be able to point you int he direction of where to get those sound fonts.
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    Thanks, Forgetful Jedi Knight. Any help i can get would be great because I'm stuck at the moment. I can't do anything with the soundcard without the contents of the sd card.

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