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Thread: Colors mixing for Cyan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ty_Bomber View Post
    I haven't the slightest. I never had the courage to fiddle with the config settings without a visual interface.
    Yeah, well, that's what we use to have to do. And keep copies and manage config files on our computers as well.
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    For once, I'm gonna be useful and contribute to a thread. This is weird..

    I actually was messing around with cyan last night, because I finally got to use it. While I haven't been able to use a RGrB yet, I have a normal RGB to work with and I figured I'd test out mixing cyan. So I have a set of pictures for you, as well as a teenie bit of information. I hope you find this helpful.

    First, I wired the Green and Blue in parallel. This allowed me to use the cyan with a Nano Biscotte. No, I didn't use a resistor. I changed the Drive setting from 1023 to 940 (which you can do for blue and green) so it wouldn't overdrive. Parallel will cut the run time, but the battery I have is pretty big so it's cool.

    Pretty bright, yeah? It looks basically the same colour in person - a nice sky blue.
    Now, the next two are the Blue and Green dice wired in series. While this does require more voltage, I was using it with a Petit Crouton V2.0 so I had plenty of battery to work with.

    Unless my vision is that poor (which it might be), those two shades of cyan are exactly the same. And I'm fairly certain it would look exactly like this in a stunt as well. I'm not sure if this will help you draw any conclusions, but mixing to get cyan is a lot more reliable than hoping for the right bin of a cyan when you buy. I really hope this actually contributes to the thread, lol.

    And no, I haven't been able to test out FoC, so my usefulness on the topic is more or less expired. Best of luck to you!

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    Thanks for your help. And nice cyan Yoshi-Taka ! Love it !
    Right now, I'm waiting the PC v3 from PlecterLabs, and the hilt (and many other stuffs) from TCSS ; ordered 1 week ago but still in process, hope it will be sent soon (Can't wait ).
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    I'd like to see a full recent Rebel Cyan blade and in a stunt set up if possible. Been curious to see if its still that mint green color. I think that would be cool to have. Plan on using a Rebel Cyan for a stunt build.
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