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Thread: i need help with installing a16mm Anti Vandal Momentary switch with photos

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    Default i need help with installing a16mm Anti Vandal Momentary switch with photos

    i need help, i have never built a saber before and i am trying to build one without sound to start, if some one can help me with a few photos on how to instal a16mm Anti Vandal Momentary switch i would greatly appreciate it, i bought a saber from ultra sabers and opened it up to see inside and i think i can build on i have been looking around this website at everyones work and it looks like a lot of fun but i am so confused on how to put in a 16mm Anti Vandal Momentary switch

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    What type of saber is it? Does it have an Anti Vandal switch now?
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    Another thing to keep in mind is a stunt typically requires a latching switch. A momentary switch will only keep the blade on if you hold down the button UNLESS you have a soundboard configured for a momentary switch.

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    Or you can get a Pololu board to use a momentary with a stunt circuit.

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    thank you for your help brother,what does anti vandal mean and do i have to use a resistor and a buck puck to hook up a 6mm Anti Vandal Latching Blue Ring Switch for a saber with no sound, i haven't tried to make any sabers yet i want to make sure i get everything right before i try, so i don't mess it up on my first try i have spent a lot of time looking at this website but i don't read that well, the ones with picture sink it more i want to start off small, i am mostly going to just going to build no sound sabers for a while so my friends and i can duel, i like the illuminated switches cause they look. i learn the best by watching
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