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Thread: Help about the sink tube adapter

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    Default Help about the sink tube adapter

    I picked a sink tube saber to be my first, but I got a Sink tube with a MHS to 1.5" Adapter. Now I may be asking in the wrong place about this, but what is the best way to add the adapter to the sink tube? in the photos I do not see any screws or Rivets in it. If there is a video or a Forum, please let me know. Thank you
    Sorry for a dumb Q but I want to do it right

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    From the store page: Has 4 pre-drilled and tapped 8-32 holes that you can use to mount it.

    Option 1: Pick up some 8-32 screws, button heads would look nice, and drill some holes in your sink tube to match up with the holes in your MHS adapter.

    Option 2: Pick up some 8-32 set screws, and install them from the inside of the MHS adapter so that they press against the sink tube from the inside. The screws will be invisible in this case, once the saber is closed up.
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    ok, I like the idea of the screws on the inside, I was thinking about it but I did not know if they would hold. I have a PCV cover going over that part, so any screws on the out side can not be that big so that's why I was thinking of Rivets because they sit flat. Thank you for the info

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    Next time I will order them from the shop. But I was able to track out the only pack of 8-32 screws in 50 miles from me and I put them in the inside and they worked great. Thank you again for the help


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