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    This is my first saber build and it should be looking like this in the end: Attachment 9389 P1100936.jpg.

    I was wondering if I got all the parts I will need except for the battery and the "sink tube section" and if it would be possible to fit a 1,25" sink tube inside the adapter or even make the mid part out of wood (or would this be too fragile?).

    I am also not sure which battery to take (probably 7,4v, but which one?) and if the Rebel Star LED is the right choice.

    I am planning to build 2 sabers thats why I have everything twice in the cart.

    Here is my list of parts: Screenshot (5).jpg Screenshot (6).jpgScreenshot (7).jpg

    1. in green and blue
    2. with 1000ma
    5. two of them for each saber
    8. maybe I will need it
    and for different mps inserts and some JST extensions.

    Thanks for your advice and suggestions.

    PS: I really need help I want to order soon.
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