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Thread: Graflex ANH 2-Cell Hilt

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    Default Graflex ANH 2-Cell Hilt

    I just picked up a Graflex 2-cell (complete, everything vintage) for dirt cheap today and thought, "Why not make something out of this?" since I have a spare Nano Biscotte board lying around, so here it goes.

    But first, some questions regarding the hilt. How do I get a replacement 3-cell battery holder and/or the dimensions for it, because if I can't find one for sale then I'll just make it myself (or have someone manufacture it for me). I know a good bit of the people here have genuine 3-cell builds and I hope you can help me out.
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    Dimensions for the 3 cell hilt are:

    4.7" long
    1.5" diameter

    Make sure you use stainless steel for the tubing. if you do make your own, you can buy the pipe for cheap then have a welder cap the end for you. I used thicker material for the endcap so that when I drilled and tapped for my D ring I had plenty of thread engagement.

    Built my whole 3 cell bottom end for less than $30
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    I appreciate the help-I plan on just loctite-ing/JB-Welding the D-ring screws, so I don't think the thread engagement will be much of an issue (unless someone else knows better). And as for the TCSS Graflex adapter-I assume all the Graflex hilt screws, greeblies and everything else have corresponding holes in the adapter and there's room to wire the red button as an activation switch?

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    If you want to use the red button below the bunny ears for the activation switch, the regular CSS push on/push off button will not fit. You'll need to get the pololu switch. Do a search on the forum here an you'll find plenty of info. here's where you buy them:

    the TCSS adapter is awesome and works great. Mine fit super tight just like I wanted. You can use the lens on the front as a blade locking screw but you'll need to drill out the hole on adapter.

    I just finished my graflex not long ago. It isn't super fancy, but turned out good I think. Here's the thread:
    Amateurs built the Ark, professionals built the Titanic

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