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Thread: My Latest 1" OD stunt saber hilts.

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    Default My Latest 1" OD stunt saber hilts.

    Hi every one. Ripper here. Here are a few pics of my latest builds. All sabers have a 1" OD and are a combo of aluminum and copper parts. All powered by a 14500 li-ion battery and the hits are around 11 to 12.5" long. There's a white P4, Red RS and a RGB LED given to me by a friend. Sorry if my info seems lacking but I hate typing and I really suck it and spelling. (^_^) But my goal is to make a fun sized saber that is easy to spin and super light. Just because of what people say about how heavy there sabers are. I have not added sound only because I have not had a chance to get my hands on a nano yet. witch will fit. and then sound can be added. Wel the pics are below, I hope you like.

    Thanks for looking guys!! The last one has a red too. I just didn't take the pic for some reason. I thought I did. anyway thanks for looking.
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    Those look pretty good. Layered parts, fairly streamlined. Maybe a little rough around the edges on the first one, but it appears to be a sith saber

    Good job!
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    Always nice to see your stuff Ripper. Really like what you did with the shrouds!

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    Cool! I was wonder why people are pushing for smaller hilts lately. Most of the hilts I've built I don't find too heavy or difficult to grip and can duel for 15-20 mins before tiring. But then again I do a lot of mopping. hehe

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