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Thread: red9 by batosai

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    Default red9 by batosai


    I wanted to show you my newest saber:


    This saber was inpired by the engine of a x-wing fighter and so I wanted to capture the basic style elements of the x-wing and especially its engines.
    The whole saber is based on mhs parts that where modyfied by etching, additional layers made with aluminium tubes and some lathe work on the baldeholder.
    Because od the style of the x-wing and the whole trilogy I didn't want to make a clean saber, it should have its edges and scratches. Otherwise it just wouldn't represent an x-wing

    Crystal Focus v6 with Cex
    10W LED Engine RGBW
    2 18650 liion battery cells
    reverse sound setup
    iluminated pommel
    custom etches

    And of course some pics:

    I hope you like it.

    BR batosai

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    Wow. That's a really great saber! I love the blade plug and the etching looks amazing!
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    That is absolutely amazing! Beautifully executed; a real piece of Art...

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    Very cool saber. Love the detail.

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    Nice work! It came out really well!
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    Now that's incredible. I'm actually speechless. Also, that lavender/pink blade is just... awesome.

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    As I said at FX, I'm very impressed. Proud you should be. Kick arse saber you have made

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    Amazing, more art than saber.

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    This looks beautiful! Looks like a dream to wield too!

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    This is one of the most beautiful sabers I have ever seen. Your attention to detail is incredible! WOnderful job.


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