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Thread: Peace and Justice, A Dual Saber's Build

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    I actually had great luck with the W/W/rB on my last NB build (You can see the blade lit up on the final build on the forum under a thread for "Endurance). How I resistered it up was all 3 LEDs running as follows: W#1 at 1000mA, rB at 700mA and W#2 at 300mA for an "Ice Blue". I suspect if you flip the arrangement to have W#2 at 700 mA and rB at 300mA you may get the "silver" you are looking for. The reason for the odd numbers was to stay below the safe max operating current for the board (2000 mA). Otherwise, I'd have cranked those little suckers. That's the only thing I could wish for on the NB: a higher current limit, but when you consider the ease of wiring, incredible versatility with regards to running accent lights, the small size and an unbelievable toughness (I've taken one board from soldered to unsoldered 4 times complete with using the copper braid to remove all the solder and it still works great and is getting ready to go into my 4th saber soon). I can look up the resistor values that I used if you want, just let me know.

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    Thankyou so much Johannes!! That is really helpful! It's good to be get advice from someone who did something similar Did you order your tri-rebel straight from Luxeon? Also did you find that the blade was bright enough running from the NB? That is an awesome suggestion!! I think I'll go with your idea of W= 1000mA, W=700mA and rB= 300mA. Thankyou very much, if it's not too much trouble I would really appreciate those resistor values. Super noob question, when selecting the mA of the led do i select that on my order or restrict it on the resistor? Also how do you know the forward voltage of the LED to calculate the resistor? By the way, does my wiring look right and do you think I'm right about my speaker problem? Sorry for so many questions. I really want to get everything planned before i order because shipping to Australia is not cheap lol. All your help is very very much appreciated. Thanks everyone!!

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    It's been a while since I updated everyone on what's happening with my build. I have one of my NB's working beautifully and I just got my tri-rebels and resistors and am wiring them up. I've also been experimenting with my crystal chamber setup and will post some pics of my led test, one of them wired in parralel and the other in series, let me know what you think. Do you think I should run my tri-rebels in parralel or series?

    Now my main problem. my second NB is still not running properly Like I said, it did run for several minutes before the speaker cut out mid hum. Everything runs as it should only no sound comes out of the speaker. It can't be the speaker because all the components run perfectly on the other board, it can't be the SD card because it works when I put it in the other board and it can't be a power problem because the LED functions fine. It also can't be my wiring because I have wired and rewired it several times now and still the sound is the only problem. Any ideas as to what to do? I'll also post some top and bottom pics of the board. If you really want me too I can post a video of what the board does now.

    On another note I have been working on a custom boot sound for my sabers. On one of them I am going to have the music from TFU when Starkiller is building his lightsaber telekinetically. Does anyone have any ideas for the second boot sound? Thanks again everyone!!!

    Bottom 1.jpg

    Bottom 2.jpg


    Crystal Chamber Parralel Operation.jpg

    Crystal Chamber Series Operation.jpg

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    This is an updated picture of what I have in mind. Any thoughts or problems you see please comment

    Official Layout.jpg

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    Your switches are smack dab in the middle of the threads You need to move them down about 1.5" ...and the CT wheels need to move up about a half inch as well.
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