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    Does an EL lightsaber inverter ever make a loud whinning sound when its on because ive heard about many cases of that happening.

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    Loud is relative.

    I don't think so. And that is even pushing it at 18volts.
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    Some do, some don't whine.

    I have some I've bought from other sources, before this place existed. For example, the one I have from Lightech Industries that's in my first hardware EL saber that I built on '02 does whine a bit. The one in my older Parks M2 whines, but the one in my newer Parks Fusion does not.

    I have a 4kHz inverter from this store and have played with it, but haven't mounted it in anything yet, but I don't recall hearing anything from it when I've powered it up with 9 and 12V. I haven't tried it at 18V yet.
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    i have been running some el wire on a hilt that i posted a pic of recently, the inverter did make a whine, but it was faint. Any other background noise at all blotted it out. Putting it in a hilt quieted it down a bit as well, almost inaudible if i was holding it at normal arms length even in a quiet room.

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    unless your running off like 30 volts and the endcap is off then you can hear the whine. but even at 18v you can barely hear it.
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