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Thread: First Saber Build :)

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    Default First Saber Build :)

    Hey all, I've got a list here that needs some double checking but to start I want to let you know what I've got here at home and see if you guys have any opinions on if I need to make any changes..
    I have:

    1" Copper tubing
    1 1/4" Sink tube
    Crystals (for potential crystal chamber if I can wrap my head around it)
    Resistors (the proper ones)
    5mm LED in green

    What I'm thinking of purchasing:

    8" Double female extension (To house everything and attach to the pommel. This is one part I'm really not sure I need since I have my copper tubing let me know what you think)
    MPS Pommel 5
    MPS Clip
    MPS Instert
    2.1mm Power Jack
    Kill Plug

    7.4 Li-Ion 1400mAh 18500 Battery Pack
    Li-Ion Smart Charger

    Buck Puck 1000mA 4-wire
    Rebel Star LED & MHS Heatsink Module
    16mm Anti Vandal Latching Green Ring Switch
    Bezel for illuminated switches (another item I'm unsure of)

    Alright! Please let me know what you think and let me know if I'm off on any of my calculations for the electronics.. I tried to read up as much as I could so bear with me. Thanks for your help!

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    If you are planning on using the copper tube, 1'' is a pretty tight fit for your electronics, and won't be suitable to hold your blade, as they have the same outer diameter. With a little imagination, a dremel, and patience, you could make a pretty cool crystal chamber with your copper tube, however.

    As for electronics, I don't see a soundcard, which means that a 7.4 pack will be a little overkill. A 4aaa NiMH battery pack should do you just fine for a stunt, especially if you are planning a recharge port.

    The Bezel for your switch is designed for MHS parts, but I am not sure how it fits on things like your sinktube.

    I think this saber has a ton of potential, but you need a plan. Sinktube is a great material for sabers, but if you want a pommel and a proper blade holder, you will need a couple of these:

    Or, you could skip that, order the 8" extension, a blade holder and pommel (a must) and cut a hole in the MHS piece to reveal the sinktube beneath (kinda like on Vader's Vault's Imperial Knight saber, but with a chrome or brass tube inside instead of black).

    If you don't want sound, a buckpuck is a decent choice, but you will want a separate resistor for the switch, which will of course depend on the battery choice you go with (I don't recommend the current one you have because of the high voltage).

    Hope that helps. Cheers.

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    Extremely helpful!! Thank you!!
    The inner diameter of my copper tube is slightly over 1" and slides into the sink tube very nicely. I'm using the sink as an overlay in certain areas.. I figured the copper tube would be ok since the inner diameter of the MHS parts (to my understanding) is also just over an inch... If it isn't I don't know where I got that from.. And it definitely changes things...

    As far as the batteries go I thought I would use the Lith-Ion for conserving space but if you think I could get away with the NiMH setup it would save me some money. I didn't see anything available in parts in the way of sound, so I figured I would wait although I would really love to include that. Is that a hard addition down the road??

    I want it to be rechargeable so I'm definitely getting a pommel that works for the power jack. If I didn't get any regular MHS parts I was definitely going to at least get that.... Again, thanks again this was very very helpful!!

    OH, and I do have resistors for my accent led and the switch, although if I change the battery then I will need to make the adjustments..
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    If I recall, MHS parts are about 1.26" on the inside, so your Sinktube would make a great inner tube, with MHS as the overlay. Does that make sense? MHS tubes only have a 1" ID on Blade holders... and that is so they hold 1" blades. That could be where your confusion came from, as it gave me that impression when I first started. :P

    Sound options can be found here:

    It does make a fun "Upgrade" but for me it's a must. If you do want sound, your battery pack will work fine for a PC, but if you decide on something more economical on your sound options (such as the Nano Biscotte), you will want to go with a 3.7V battery pack.

    I think that the copper/sinktube could make a great saber, but you will need an adapter for the pommel I listed in my last post, for sure. If you do go down that route, I can only advise so much, as your materials are out of my area of expertise, and will require improvising and experimenting on your part. That being said, I will help as much as I can. Good luck with the build!

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    Okay, excellent that makes perfect sense. The inner diameter was definitely something I should have double checked because I was thinking of the whole 1" blade situation. Thanks for clearing that up! I will be re-thinking my hilt options a little bit without a doubt.

    I was thinking of going along the lines of the Nano Biscotte, but unfortunately its out of stock which is why I'm waiting it out.. Major bummer there.. Not having sound definitely takes away from the feel of everything. Anyhow, thanks again!

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