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Thread: Nano Biscotte won't boot, no sound, no LED

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    We got it working. Still a bit precarious; I think we need to shorten some wires, as stuff is crammed in way too tight. We both have the inexpensive Trustfire charger, and it seems to have fried 14500s for both of us. We swapped them out with an 18650 (not ideal for the limited space in a Graflex) and it seems to be working fine.

    Odd issue, though; when I push the blade all the way down into the blade holder (one of the Graflex adapters from the shop) it seems to trigger a power cutoff on impact. But if I push it down, then pull it out so it's not sitting right on the ledge (but still secured by the thumb screw) it works okay. Somehow, even though there's the ledge there, the blade is pushing down on something somewhere causing a power cutoff. Strange, but easily worked around.

    Thanks, Lendo!!!

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    Seems to be having issues even after working for a good period of time. I'm suspecting something is pressing against the SD card popping it out of the slot. Need to shorten the wires as there's a good bit of extra in there. Getting closer to getting it working flawlessly, but it's a slow, tedious process...

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    So the saber worked for 8 hours then conked out again. After multiple different efforts with multiple different configurations on two different NB boards, I gave up and wired up a Force FX board, which works fine. I am at a complete loss as to what was wrong with the NB boards (or what Lendo and I were doing wrong).

    Tim, I know it's been awhile but is it still possible to send these two boards back to you for testing? If they turn out to be good boards, I figure I can still try and build sabers out of them. If there's a problem, at least then I know...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strydur View Post
    Awesome, thanks!

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    I was going to suggest shortening your leeds and the one solder on the left hand side of your Luxor seems to be a cold solder so you may want to clean it and redo that particular join.


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