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Thread: Modular hilt pics

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    Hi all
    These MHS are great. I've got one and I just ordered enough parts to build another, plus a few spare parts. I already built up the first MHS into a working saber. I added an Obi Wan styled emitter to it. The design is sorta odd in that there's a section of blade just in front of the MHS where I covered it with electrical tape, then O rings. The emitter slid on over the blade and is held in place with a set screw. This setup allows for a smaller neck area than is possible in a machined piece.

    I also added industrial grade heat shrink to the grip area after making a few rings out of electrical tape. I was going to use O rings, but decided not to this time. Since this saber is to be used for some pretty serious dueling, there's rubber guards around the pommel and emitter in case the saber is dropped.
    The pommel was machined out to hold a speaker system as well. With my new drivers that allow for a latching on/off switch, mating it up to an FX sound board is a piece of cake now. []
    The button had a plunger that was a bit too long for my taste, so I shortened it and rounded it out. I also replaced the black plastic bezel on it with a knurled metal one I found at a hardware store. Now I just have to add a recharge port.


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    Corbin nice looking saber very clean lines, it will be great for dueling.

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    Not surprisingly, a very nice saber from Corbin.

    "impressive, very impressive!"

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    Yes, awesome stuff.

    *edit* YAY!!! I finally made Knight!!! []

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    Congrats to our Gin knight! You're saphire now [][8D]

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    Please post here from now on.

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