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Thread: Modular hilt pics

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    Default Modular hilt pics

    Skywalker Blue and Windu Purple using Corbin's blade film

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    Good looking pair of sabers there!

    Now I am really antsy to get my order in from Tim for my modular saber and blade kit!!!

    BTW...are you planning on more aesthetic changes to the sabers in the way of emmitters and whatnot? will you know the light unless you have seen the dark? How will you know the good unless you have flirted with the evil?

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    Well, I finally got around to taking pics of my first 2 MHS sabers.


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    Cleaned out my Photobucket album, I'll replace the pics later...

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    The training simulators, duh!


    Nice idea for an activation box yet not blocking the button.[] Ever consider snaking the wires through the button hole and getting a sliding switch in there?


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    A slide switch would be nice, but I kinda like how the button falls in the center of the gap. It adds character... []

    I may add a red switch boot and some kind of an emitter, but I'm not sure yet. I'm trying to keep it simple, seeing as how I'm still pretty new to this.



    Thats the Vader dummy box from the Hasbro 'Build Your Own Lightsaber' kit (for anyone that didn't know). I Super-Glued some rubber seals in there and wedged it on. It doesn't budge at all, and looks great. No drilling, or tapping, required. []

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    Yo Tim is that mine you posted? Sure looks like "THE INSIDIOUS TED" to me.[]

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    My first one. Added a belt clip, grip and four O-Rings at the top.

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    is that a bike hand bar grip?

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