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Thread: My Rubies Vader mask upgrade.

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    Default My Rubies Vader mask upgrade.

    I got my hands on a Rubies Darth Vader costume almost two years ago from a good friend. I just upgraded the helmet the way I want. After looking up all kind of pics online. I finally finished it a month ago. I got some pics below of what I did to share.
    Here’s a pic of the helmet before any work.

    Another view.

    This is not the first up grade.I had a lot of mistakes to fix. At one time I painted the whole thing black and had big flat lenses.

    I had to sand down this Hulk brow I made before, and work on the nose bridge.

    After seeing that just a cover up won’t work. I decide to just cut the bridge out.

    I use a paper like clay that dries great and easy quick sanding. After a good paint, it’s like plaster. Like.

    Get those eyes smaller.

    Sand and primed and ready for a QC check.

    All done sanding and my cuts made on the bridge.

    Got some dollar tree sunglasses and these are going in my Vader. I spent over 30 bucks with shipping for the flat set I had before. Boy..

    Got the gunmetal paint dry and read. Time for the black paint now.

    I use a car filler prime and a car paint for the mask and dome.

    I like it. Now I love a lil bit of nicks and cts on my sith. No super new Vader in my watch!

    All DONE!!! The fan inside works and now all I need is a good mic for my amp.

    Me as Vader in the Vader Strikes YouTube fan films by Golden gate Knights and the Stunt People.

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    Nice. Doesn't even look like a Rubies piece anymore. Was it the more better quality mask though? Really jonsing to pull off a Vader one of these days just for the feel. =]
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    Awesome job with this Ripper! That's one killer upgrade - now it looks like Lord Sunshine himself!

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    Dude nice work I dig

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    Cant believe I missed this one from you.. Terrific job!
    Quote Originally Posted by Gin Malinko View Post
    just an added note on this.
    I vote dgdve as the site's motivational speaker. haha
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    It looks so good in person that I let him Force Choke me then Force Throw me across the room while he was wearing it!

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    Nice job! Did you think about squaring off the bottoms of the mouth vents? Any plans to fix the dome?

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    So I have an older vader mask with the voice modulator attached to it..A bit curious how precisely to keep the lenses from fogging up when wearing. Its pretty much my only issue with it. Other than some painting and such. Any help is appreciated..BTW that mask looks amazing =!

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    Looks pretty good!

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