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Thread: My first custom saber build (PVC)

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    Default My first custom saber build (PVC)

    So this is just one of the random things I work on every once in awhile. After watching a bunch of Star Wars and getting out of school for the summer, I've decided to finally get this baby done! Anyway, here is my interpretation of Starkiller's lightsaber!

    as of now:

    Anyway, The black core piece is just PVC with that chunk cut out, the top sanded in and primed. The gold/copper pieces are some black pipe (Im not sure what they are made out of. ABS?) which is the DEVIL!!! If you try to dremel or saw it, it dosen't cut as much as it just moved the plastic to either side so that you have to carefully sand or file it later... Anyway, they're painted with gold paint with copper Rub 'n buff over it. As I'm sure you can see, I messed up the paint around the screw heads and in the middle (where the box will mount) of the top piece. I got a foot of rubber floor runner from the hardware store for the grip, but I cant decide weather I want to use 3 or 4. Any thoughts?

    So thats where Im at so far. With any luck Ill be able to mount a green LED and blade and actually use it
    Any thought, questions, comments, criticisms more than welcome! Especially since I'm new to saber building!

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    Lookin Good! I honestly thought your damaged paint was just some weathering you'd done, lol. Looking forward to seeing this completed. I like the more classic look of these kinds of sabers.
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    Thanks for the compliment! Oddly enough, I didn't even think of weathering it by removing paint in spots! Ill have to keep that in mind

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    I gotta say that does look good for being just PVC based. I agree on the paint. I thought it was weathered. Given that it's based on Star killer's saber I would let it be beat up like that. I thinking will look great! I'm gonna do a Starkiller themed hilt eventually too.
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