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Thread: SP Starkiller with R4 install (pic heavy)

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    Default SP Starkiller with R4 install (pic heavy)

    I have finally finished with this saber and must say it has been a challenge in excersizing the skills of Cram-fu! This is a saber that a Friend here bought from _______, at the same time he brings this saber over I was just getting into installing an Igniter R4 into my SK that I built initially with a Nano biscuit ( the hilt turned out so nice it had to be graced with a multi color multi function board which is a story for another time
    This hilt had all of 1" x 5" for interior space, I built a custom sled for the board and battery, totally reworked the chamber, emmiter and main hilt (lots of grinding and machining)I mounted 2 momentary micro switches near the pommel for reverse grip access.
    Specs; Igniter R4 Mini, running 9 fonts and dual phase with tru-color ( at least 18 main colors + multi colored blaster blocks) 10 saber cinema full music tracks
    LED: Custom Luxeon Red, Green, Royal Blue.
    Battery: single 3.7 volt AW brand 17670 Li-ion with recharge port in pommel.
    Accents: RGB 5mm led under crystal mounted with acrylic resin for high light transmission. 3 red accent leds behind the radiation shield
    speaker: TCSS 1.5 watt premium.
    Chamber brass and aluminum billet home built with 4 stainless steel hollow rods for main led wire passage.
    I have to say thanks again to Naigon for his tech. help and also to Industrial action for answering some other odd tech questions! The bottom pic shows it next to an MR Luke ESB for size comparison
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    WOW would love to have this for display under my tv more then awesome job

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    very nice work alice. well done
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    Beautiful saber, love the weathering. Definitely looks great with the multiple colors.
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    Awesome work DA!

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    Wow, awesome Starkiller DA! Love how the weathering came out and the "gutsy" look of the crystal chamber!

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    nice saber dude. I love the crystal chamber details and how the saber looks good with any of those blade colors.
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    Another masterpiece
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    I love that crystal chamber and the weathering.
    Great Starkiller!
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