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Thread: R G B Three Color Luxeon III

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    Default R G B Three Color Luxeon III

    Finally i have gotten my hands on two of these Red, Green, Blue Luxeon LED. These things are really cool. No need for colored discs if you want to change between the three or combos of the three. Red shines thru on most combos though. here are some pics.

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    Dude, try switching your camera to close-up mode, or whatever it may be called on your camera. It's designed for shots closer than 12".

    Blurry pics are pretty much useless.

    Is this a 3-in-1 LED? Are you able to rig a switch so you don't have to rewire it every time?


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    Sorry about the pics. Camera is new to me. You can wire it up to use all colors without rewireing. You just need a three position switch or three switches so you can turn on more than one at a time but red overtakes any of the other colors.

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    yeah, a 3 position mini slider would work just fine.

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    Where can we find them and how much are they?

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    tetmatek, your desk looks just like mine! []

    so, you say you can make any color combination? Like purple? How? as far as I know, on regular RGB leds the color is controled by the voltage or current or something like that. Enlighten us bro!

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    The only combo that looks different is blue and green. Red overtakes any of the other comos including all three at once. It takes about 15 minutes to decorate my desk like that and hour to clean it. Believe my my wife makes me after a good saber session.[] Iguess the Led looks best one at a time or blue and green. if i could lower the voltage on the red when it was used with blue you theoretically could get purple. Any thought about way to control the voltage. some kind of potentiometer maybe. i'm not a electronics expert at all so my guesses might sound crazy.

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    mini sliders switches at radio shack

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    Where can you get one of these? Tim, are you going to get some of these?

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    As far as I know Luxeon doesnt actually sell these. Tetmatek can share info if he wants. From what I can tell these are only rated at 30 lumens but I could be wrong.

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