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    Hi everyone
    I am building a MHS saber and want to make a PVC chassis to hold the double pack 18650 batteries and P.C 2.0. This is my first build, I would like to make the organization of wires clean and simple. I appreciate your help, thanks

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    If you're interested in building a PVC chassis to house your board and battery go to Home Depot and get yourself some electrical conduit. It's gray in color and can be found in the electrical section of the store. I would get a foot or two just so you have extra. And this stuff is fairly inexpensive.

    First make sure you have a very solid plan about how you plan to lay your electronics and where everything is located. This is important.

    Next do a search here on the forums for PVC chassis / sled / sound cradle etc. There are many builders here who have made exactly what you're looking for and that should give you an idea how to go about cutting, grinding, filing etc. I did one my self on my first build and have a few pics of how I planned out my set up. Just look up Aethon and you'll find it. Mine is must one example and by no means an exact guide to follow. It's what worked for me on that build.

    The PVC/electrical conduit typically is slighlty larger than the ID of standard MHS pieces. So you'll either have to come up with a way to sand it down by hand (very time consuming but manageable) or find a local machine shop and have them turn it down for you. I've got a few 2 foot sections in my stash I've had turned down for this very reason.

    And that's really all there is to it.
    There's a difference between knowing the path.....and walking the path.

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    Thank you for the help

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    No problem! That's what we're here for.
    There's a difference between knowing the path.....and walking the path.

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