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Thread: For Franky by Ripper.

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    Default For Franky by Ripper.

    Hey everyone!
    I have been working on this saber for a friend for a while, and now it is finished.
    The last saber I did for him had a few mistakes, and I wanted to take my time and do it right this time. I got to say I got it at about 90% and I give myself an A-. I wanted an A but this is just a personal thought. I will have a video soon but I wonít post my vids on this site anymore, because there may be curs words used by me because, thatís just how I feel real when I speak to the viewers.
    I has a standard hook up with 4 AA bats and some kind of LUX LED. I couldnít see what kind, old LED. I used guts from a older saber I made for him and two new extention parts from TCSS. Baked on black paint and cut with my fake Drimel for the shroud.  I think I misspelled that. {^_^} Anyway, hereís the saber. Oh and the saber is just a stunt, no sound. Thanks for peeping me out. I hope you like it.

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    Lookin awesome Ripper! Really like that shroudwork and the color scheme.

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    Nicely done. I'm loving the color arrangement. Black-blue-grey(chrome/silver) are my colors of choice.
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    I really like the feel and flow of this saber. Looks great, and looks very balanced for dueling.

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    You did a really good job of it, Gary. I like the chrome flash around the AV switch and the accent on the underside too. I'm sure I'll see this up close and personal, maybe upside my head, at one of our upcoming sessions.

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