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Thread: The first Italian Custom Saber: LOOM

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    Lightbulb The first Italian Custom Saber: LOOM

    Hello guys!!!

    I'm very exalted for this post, becouse this is our first Custom Saber based interally on MHS parts from the TCSS!

    We sell in all the World but this is only to know if you like this!

    I want to thx especially Tim from the TCSS for the support and Novastar for the amazing sound on Saber Font site!

    And all of you guys, for the suggestion and the amazing hobby, now a work for us, from 7 years ago at now!

    The First Italian Custom Saber Blog/Shop!!!!

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    Nice weathering. And the colors work well together. Great build.

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    Really loving the weathering on that saber.

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