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Thread: Store wish list

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    This is a choke I've had in mind. I love choke style 2 but would love to see the male end with a slant. Just seems like it would be a little more comfortable. So I made this up in ms paint to show you my idea. Just a thought. Would love to see this made


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    I would love to see a Malak style pommel
    and really any malak style parts. Also the vader style shroud would be amazing. also leather or fake leather as well as other things to wrap the body with. Darth Sidious inspired parts would be awesome too last thing would be a sliding activation button.(where you slide the button or switch up and down just in case the wasn't clear) anyway you guys are awesome and I hope you put some of this stuff up. thanks!
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    I can only think of two things I'd like: (1) the Nano Biscotte in the MHS builder, and (2) an activator box in the same style as box 16, but for two of those switches. That would save a ton of room in for future builds, not to mention allowing shorter-style sabers to be built.

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    I'd love to see activator box 6, but with only the screw holes, so we can do our own stuff with it.

    Also, I second the curved parts thing.

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    Not really a store thing, but I'd like to see Battery packs and chassis parts added to the MHS Builder. It would help with planning.

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    I'd like to see some of the graflex clamp levers in the store... Anybody wanting to build MHS graflex sabers, like myself, would easily buy some

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    I've always liked the rounded angled shape of activation box 4 but have wished it could mount 2 switches instead of only 1 for use with 2-switch soundboards like Petit Crouton. Now that it has been announced that 12mm AV switches will soon be added to the TCSS store I'm wondering if a variation on activation box 4 or a design with a similar shape could be made that could fit 2x 12mm AV switches with a mounting screw in between?

    I'd also love to see a brass version of box 17, and would like to second the suggestion of brass MHS sleeve material...that would be an awesome addition imo.
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    I would love to see an activator box in the style of Activator Box 3, but with a recharge port in addition to the two AV switches. It'd be a bit longer but it would make building PC sabers with symmetry easier for me. I figure if Activator Box 11 can be done, why not have Box 3 in a similar style?

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    I'd like more expansions on Box Style 16. For example, a box in that style for two switches, or a switch and recharge port.
    Perhaps a box in the style of Box 14, but with two small switches instead of AV switch.

    Yes, I'm pro-very-tiny-boxes-on-my-lightsabers

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    Quote Originally Posted by craig139 View Post
    How about a twist and pull disconnect for dual sabers?
    Preferably with sound vents.


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