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Thread: Store wish list

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    Tactile buttons that fit in a 12mm AV port. I believe they've been done before by another vendor on etsy, but are no longer available.

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    Would you guys be doing US blue for powder coating again if not what is the closet colour to the us blue that you do?

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    Neopixel LED Switches 12mm and 16mm would be AWESOME if you can do it!!!!!

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    I would love to see an all black, no led 16mm AV momentary switch.

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    A box top for Activation Box style 1 that holds a clamp card and maybe a 3D printed insert to hold some tactile switches. So that way we can do some Prequel-esqe control boxes.
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    Default lightsaber coupler

    Id like a quick release coupler! Similar to the one in the picture. Be cool if it was smaller.
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    A 2" or 3" mhs v1 section ribbed and rounded and one squared off like Darth Mauls lightsaber.

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    I vote for some claws and shroud claw mounts.

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    I would love to see some 30" long 1" thick walled Pixel blades. The reason is that that length is the maximum that fits a large bag. It makes traveling a lot easier.


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