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Thread: Store wish list

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    MHS sleeve material in brass or copper please would be would be switch boxes in copper...heck, more copper and brass parts generally would be great!

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    I really wish for the flat side MSH part (like Samurai katana). Now that we have a Tsuba part available. That would be awesome!

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    Quad Cree near the same footprint as the Tri Cree. standard as a RGBW and with custom options. This will take advantage of the 4 channels of the CFX
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    Metal adapter for the LS6 to securely hold a 7/8 blade...would allow a neo install with a much more secure blade. Outer 1, inner 7/8, height the height of the ls6 emitter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sethski View Post
    12mm AV switches, such as this sort of thing and and a service to add switch holes for them.

    As mentioned by somebody earlier in the thread, would also love to see shorter ribbed and ribbed/grooved sections and think they would add fantastic versatility for some builds.
    Love the shorter ribbed suggestion for mhs. To allow an mhs k4 or ls6 type build.

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    An emitter for the LS6 without the Obi-Wan/TLJ holes for RotJ builds would be cool!

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    Please look into stocking the blade side neo PCb with on board leds. Great for neo blade plugs and boosting the bottom of blade brightness!

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    21700 batteries, and some chassis that'll accept them, please!

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    Now that TCSS does anodizing would an improved anodized version of the QD connector prototype be adequately wear resistant to not loosen up? Those were quite elegant if you could get them to work well...maybe worth an experiment when you get a chance?

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    With the rise of the CFX, I wouldn't mind seeing some RGBW neopixel strings. And yes, I would also like to see the staff QD as well, but I worry that anodizing alone wouldn't be enough to strengthen it. Maybe different aluminum alloys or metals altogether. I say check around for best materials for it.


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