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Thread: Store wish list

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    Would like to see some new pommel styles, emitter styles, etc.

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    It would be nice if the 12mm and 16mm AV switches could include lock washers like the Guarded switches do.

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    I really wish for the flat side MSH part (like Samurai katana). Now that we have a Tsuba part available. That would be awesome!

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    I'd like to see neopixel tips for the enhanced blue and enhanced amber blades similar to the ones we have for photon.

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    Quad Cree near the same footprint as the Tri Cree. standard as a RGBW and with custom options. This will take advantage of the 4 channels of the CFX
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    Metal adapter for the LS6 to securely hold a 7/8 blade...would allow a neo install with a much more secure blade. Outer 1, inner 7/8, height the height of the ls6 emitter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sethski View Post
    12mm AV switches, such as this sort of thing and and a service to add switch holes for them.

    As mentioned by somebody earlier in the thread, would also love to see shorter ribbed and ribbed/grooved sections and think they would add fantastic versatility for some builds.
    Love the shorter ribbed suggestion for mhs. To allow an mhs k4 or ls6 type build.

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    An emitter for the LS6 without the Obi-Wan/TLJ holes for RotJ builds would be cool!

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    I would like to request a parabolic tip (neopixel style) for thick walled 1" blades that has a larger gluing edge inside the blade than current thick-walled options.


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    More thin neck MHS options!


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