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Thread: 2013, How many times have you ordered this year?

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    Time to bump this up! Just 1 manly for me this year ... but it's been a big one. Hope to have it all finished up early next year.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to y'all!

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    1 Ubermanly for me. Until around February hopefully. Merry Christmas Everyone!!
    Many fall, but one remains.

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    1 Manly for me followed by a TMP with a manly on top (yeah that sounds weird).

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    1 manly this year, and another already planned for January
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    not enough... santa must have thought i was sithy
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    1 ubermanly and 2 arkais under my belt

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    Cripes. 3 manly, 3 arkai, and 4 rhyen. Don't let my wife see this....

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    Going to end the year at 12 Ubemanlies. A slow year for me, or could it just be that i have more MHS parts than the shop does?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Dottore Matto View Post
    Going to end the year at 12 Ubemanlies. A slow year for me, or could it just be that i have more MHS parts than the shop does?
    I'm going to guess that latter statement is probably closer to the truth.
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    I haven't purchased anything in a long while now.
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