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    Hi All;

    Longtime SW fan, new to saber-craft. This was done years ago from drain and vacuum cleaner tubing, a flashlight and some Radio Shack electronics, a few LEDs. No attachable blade or anything, just a hilt. The green bolts are anodized bicycle cage bolts and were meant to represent sensors which would deactivate the saber if dropped. It was fun to imagine and build then, but seeing what is available now, I can't wait to get started on an MHS. Also thinking of doing a McQuarrie saber some day.

    first_saber2 (2).jpg



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    Nicely done. The variety of saber designs is what makes this hobby so enjoyable.
    It also be cool if there is a way for you to modify this to hold a blade.
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    I like, very old school feel. As The Yin stated, variety is the spice of the hobby. I tend to lean toward the more traditional style of hilt, and I like how you've captured the feeling of a McQuarrie design with this.
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    Cool saber I can't wait to see your McQuarrie saber.

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    Thanks very much everyone!

    Much agreed on the bliss of many possibilities and variety, The Yin. I like the blade idea and must consider that, maybe even sound with boards like the NB out there.

    I very much appreciate the reference to a McQuarrie design, Skinnerman02. I like so many of the styles out there, but lean towards the traditional as well. The vacuum tube I used was from an old (like 1950's) Hoover and had this brushed look to it. Plus it was the only thing I could find in the house to wrap the drain tube with!

    Thanks much Matheus. With luck and successful financial negotiations with the Mrs., I would like to try a McQuarrie very soon.

    Thanks again for the kind words and for checking this out!


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