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Thread: My last saber.

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    Default My last saber.

    It's been a while. Due to arthritis in the hands I can't do much work at a time or I suffer for it, so this will be may last. I can only guess at when I started this saber. I think it must have been about about 3 years ago. Any hoo. Years ago I did a sink tube Qui gonn replica and thought I would follow up on the shroud idea. It's running and old lux 3 green and a MR Luke ROTJ sound board.

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    Sweet build man, thats definetly a cool shroud.

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    Gorgeous. I love the flow of the whole thing. Sorry to hear it'll be your last.
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    Excellent work. Pullo! Too bad you can't continue but you did end with quite a nice show there.

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    a really cool saber. I totally love this bladeholder and this little aluminium piece in it's top gives it a nice and different look!

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    Nice saber.

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    Great work. I really like the shape of this lightsaber.

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    I'm not a fan of QuiGon saber, but this evolution looks great! Really digging the choke / emitter parts ^^
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    That's a fine saber to finish with. It has a great appearance to it.
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    indeed a very nice saberf!
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