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    Ladies and Gents,
    Here is my first saber back after my hiatus... * Its a MHS based saber inspired by the SF Gladious. *I made a couple design changes to suit my own needs and tastes. *I had always wanted to build a saber with a choke in the middle. *This way I could switch my grip from the middle to top of the saber for various spins and saber maneuvers. *Doing this, it turned out a bit longer than expected at 13.5 inches. *It was different at first, but I am def getting used to the extra length. * *This saber features a pommel covertec, o-ring grip, and a green ring anti-vandal. * It is powered by the Plecter Labs Nano Biscotte, running Madcow's Shatterpoint. *The main led is a White Rebel, powered by a single 3.7 LI battery. * *This build was def interesting, and I learned alot from this one. * *


    And Vid

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    I really like this saber - clean and streamlined.

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    I don't usually like that emitter but it goes nicely with this hilt.

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    Pretty nice saber.
    I really like the clean line, and the black part.

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    Nice. Basic but I like it. Generally not a big fan of that BH but it works here for sure. It balances the pommel nicely. How did you do the grip? MHS sleeve and Orings? I would've went 2" shorter myself. Even if it meant running the switch through one side of the double male. Especially since it has a NB board and 3.7. What type of cell(s) did you use? Runtime? There must be a lot of space left in there. Looks like a great dueler.

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    I used a 5 inch double end ext for the bottom part.. I put the orings and fasteners right on the main body. The orings are secured by electrical tape gone over with acrylic, then automotive touch up paint to even out the look.... I went for a longer hilt beause I wanted the bottom grip portion to look streamlined with the rest of the saber... I'm using 14500... I have have a additional 3 on standby to cary at cons and such.. Thanks for the compliments guys.. I'm really digging this build...


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