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Thread: General hilt building

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    Question cool hilts

    does anybody know how to contact Brian at Lightsabers from the big yellow box

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    The training simulators, duh!


    Quote Originally Posted by darth singe View Post
    does anybody know how to contact Brian at Lightsabers from the big yellow box
    He dropped off the face of the earth a long time ago. I think tripod is only keeping the site up because it generates traffic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xwingband View Post
    He dropped off the face of the earth a long time ago. I think tripod is only keeping the site up because it generates traffic.
    Yeah the sight is there... I used to look at those hilt like when I was 7 years old! I'm 14 now and 7 was the last time he posted any updates

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    Default parts list?

    So I've wanted to build a saber for a long time, and sure I can look at all the parts, but I'm not sure what I actually need. Could someone post a list that identifies what components I need for a LED saber?

    unless theres one already and I couldn't find it :P

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Here's where you start. Read through these for a primer.

    Then take some time to just browse among the forums. The best way to get the basics down is to see what other folks have done. It may not be the fastest way, but you'll have a much better understanding that way.

    Here's a list to start with. Some of my personal favorites from the board here. A number of these are walk-throughs showing each step of the process.
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    New to the hobby or LED lightsabres? CLICK HERE for a listing of the basics to get started!

    Dictionary of sabre building terms

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    thanks for all the links, now i guess i have some thinking to do about my design--do most of you usually draw it out first? or develop the design over time or have some parts and just think about what you want to do next?

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    Default Activation Boxes

    General hilt building question:

    Regarding these new "activation boxes" at the shop, how would I attach one to my hilt? My guess would be to drill through them and bolt them on. Two of the three are contoured to fit flush against a hilt. Besides price, what advantages might these new parts have over a graflex-style clamp? Also, the activation boxes would leave two "open" can this be properly "finished?"

    I had considered incorporating a new activation box into my next saber design, but after grappling with these issues, seems to me like a regular old clamp would be a whole lot easier...


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    My thought is there's nothing easy about working a switch into a Graflex clamp. Lots of small work on several small pieces. The boxes are straight forward... drill a hole... file out a rectangle... whatever... and the wires don't have to be fished through anything other than the inside of the hilt. With the G clamp I mounted a switch in one of the side "boxes" then had to open up a hole on the flush side the box mounts against. I've said it before that a Graflex flash tube wasn't intended to be made into a light saber with all kinds of delicate electrical work so the customization is harder.

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    Some good points.

    Despite never actually working on a graflex clamp, I can appreciate that these are delicate things. Any ideas on finishing the "open" sides of an activation box, or do you think this would not even be necessary/noticeable?

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    I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer to.
    There's a clip in the middle of the Graflex hilt that you turn to tighten, then flip flush with the clamp. We use similar items like this at my job, but no one there knows what they're called -and these are 30-year senior mechanics.

    I've placed an arrow to specify the thing.

    What is the actual name for this kind of bolt/clamp/clasp/whatevertheheck device?


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