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    I'm new here and very new to building anything. I purchased the Graflex 2.5 Saber Kit and got it all put together no problem. However when I tried to twist the blade retention screw so I could put my blade in it would not budge. It would not move in either direction so I got a rag and a pair of pliers and tried again. It felt like it was starting to move but it just broke off. I'm not sure what to do now. How do i get the broken piece out? Can I get another retention thumb screw that matches? Assuming I can get the old one out will a new one go in? Anybody run into this before?


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    First you want to take the emitter off, and any other items that might be attached to it.

    Hit the broken off screw with some PB Blaster, as it will soak down into the threads and make them easier to move. Spray the threads on your broken screw from both inside and out, using the juice liberally:

    After letting it sit overnight, break out the screw extractors. Here's a link in case you don't already have a set:

    You should check Youtube for videos on using screw extractors if you haven't ever used this type of tool. It's easy once you know the procedure! I would also suggest that you use a tap and die set, using the tap to "chase" the threads. This will straighten up the threads after you extract the broken screw. Make certain to use the correct size of tap.

    Good luck with this endeavour. Let us know how it turns out.



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