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    Default Star Wars Clone Wars costume help

    Hey. I am planning on making a Clone Wars styled Jedi costume this week. Anyone got any patters for, lets say the costume Anakin wore just as a reference? Thanks for the help. Will post pics when its completed.

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    All the Jedi had different styled outfits, many also had some armor pieces. And they weren't the same as their regular Jedi outfits.

    There aren't really any definitive patterns for these costumes, plus the fact that they need to be imagined from cartoon characters and made to fit the real human form. Most people just wing it, or make their own patterns.

    Plan on this taking more than a week.

    Here's some examples of Clone Wars Anakin costumes:

    Here's an Obi-Wan:
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    Hello I looking to make a grey Jedi costum and was wondering if anyone know of a good place to get some ideas?

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    Dude just google Jedi Costumes...and look at the pictures for ideas.

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