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Thread: Help Please: PC 2.0 problems

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    I'm fairly new to building sabers and I'm having an issue with the PC 2.0 where it sounds like I'm constantly swinging it and I've been told i should turn down the sensitivity so I'm wondering if there is any way to change the settings without the R.I.C.E. Port

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    Take out the SD card and edit the config file on a computer.
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    Strydur is right (I would trust anything he says about sabers blindly). If you don't have the petit crouton manual, download it from the TCSS store website (found on the petit crouton page) and read through it. It will describe how to modify the config files to get the desired outcome (swing/clash sensitivity, led sequence, etc etc). I went with the rice port, but you can do most (if not all) things the rice does through the config files.

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