Saber w internals.jpg

Parts would be:
Pommel 10
5 inch double female extension
Double male connector
Choke style 2 (flipped)
3 inch double female
Blade holder 13
Activation box 9 with nickel short AV and black momentary switch
recharge port
Speaker holder V4
2W new speaker
MPS style 1 for pommel
2 MPS insert style 7s to holder crystal chamber together with threaded 4-40 rod (will drill out myself)
LEDengin RGGB, GG wired in series and most likely R for yellow FOC

I originally had a double female 3" right by the pommel and had a double male with slots right by the choke. I thought about it and realized I could probably just cut out a small window myself and it'd be one piece if I used the 5" DF extension. Do you think the DM with slots is a better choice, or the DF that I cut out myself? Is one stronger than the other?

I have a million 18650s I took from some laptop batteries, but since the clamp is only 2", I can't use sunrider's technique of stuffing them side by side so I'll probably use the 14650s from the shop. Unless maybe I do a split pack with one by the speaker holder, and one in the choke. Doesn't seem clean that way though.

Seeing as it's a CF I want to try to go over the top and stretch myself as far as I can with this build, by including the crystal chamber right by the choke. I still haven't decided if the clamp/box is going to have an led bargraph in it or not. I may just add individual leds down the side of the extension with the switches.

A few of these parts (blade holder, 5" DF) are out of stock so I have plenty of time to possibly dream up a shroud for the switch area and plan out my design. Any thing I might have missed or you'd like to add?