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Thread: Another PITA parts list...

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    Default Another PITA parts list...

    Ok I know we all hate this, but this is my first build and I would like to get it right. I have read alot on the forums to include tutorials etc. And yes I did read the awesome post by Lord Dottore Matto

    It is a bit outdated but without it, I wouldn't know what to really buy. Thanks Matto.

    Here is my list:
    Pummel #14
    Pummel insert style #6
    Double ended female extention 2"
    Double ended male adapter style #2
    Blade holder #16
    Main body #1 Garded style switch hole
    4AA batt holder woth JST connectors
    SPST Latching garded switch(blue)
    Rebel star LED & HMS hest sink module (green)
    1/8 heat shrink tubing 1'
    Screw 4-40 buton head (secure the batt holder)
    Led trans white battle blade 1" OD (36")
    Drill and tap 2 holes 8-32 (for blade retention screw and for covertec belt clip)
    8-32x3/8 set screw (blade retention screw. looks more polished with a screw that is hidden)
    Covertec button and belt clip
    8-32x3/8 socket head (secure covertec button to hilt)
    Buck puck 1000Ma 6 wire. (only buck puck in stock. I rather not use a resister if I can help it)

    Now for the real questions... The 6 wire buck puck... what is the difference between to 6 wire and the 4 wire. I will not be using sound anytime soon. I do have some old MR Darth Maul(x2), Anakin ROTS, Luke ROTJ sabers that I could gut later if I want sound (least I think it would work).

    I am not the best electrician. I have no clue when it comes to resisters or buck pucks etc. I have read a few posts in the last 2 weeks about the stuff but to me it is still confusing. I do understand that I need a resistor 3.3 ohms 5 watt or a 1000Ma buck puck (the resistor chart on the main page told me this). Just not sure on the 4 or 6 wire. Anyone having any input would be surely appreciated. I would like to order soon (right now I have the money.. YEAH!!!)
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    You want the MPS clip to hold your pommel insert in place. I don't see anything else missing from your list.

    There's no real difference between the 4 and 6 wire buckpuck, except that you can use the extra two wires for dimming the LED. Most people want plenty of brightness, so you can safely ignore the extra two wires.
    We all have to start somewhere. The journey is all the more impressive by our humble beginnings. for the lazy man's resistor calculator! for getting resistor values the right way!


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