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Thread: Mag-Lite Saber - Tree Shaker

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    Wow. I have one that looks very similar, but I used a rubber grip from a worklight as the grip. I really like the leather grip you put on this and the o rings make a nice accent. I have an identical D ring on mine as well. There is only so much you can do with these, but this is really nice. Would love to see it lit up.

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    I found some o rings the size of the inside diameter of the lens housing inside the blade holder. I had one colored filter and it does rattle around inside and it makes the beam in the blade uneven and dull if it isn't sitting properly. I took one of these o rings and I sandwiched it between the blade holder and the colored filter to force the colored filter down onto the lens. It helped a lot. It is thin enough it doesn't get in the way of the light from the LED, either. You definitely need something, though.

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    Looks really good.
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    Interesting idea to use O-rings around the lens holder. Thanks for the comments every body. I appreciate it.

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    That's a nice looking saber. I have a maglite saber as well and was wondering if your maglite is the model that came with a led or did you convert it? Also did you use a lens from the shop or just the blade holder? If you did use a lens can you link the one that you used?

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    Ditto, CCarter... what did you do for illumination and the lens?

    I understand its a stunt saber, but have you put any thought into putting a soundboard into it? I've got a few old maglites hanging around, just begging to be repurposed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redeyejedi View Post
    Thanks guys for the awesome reply's! Glad you like my build. The mag-lites make great dueling sabers, but need a little modification to keep the batteries from jiggling around in the handle when you duel and the lens holder needs to be secured to get the light to focus properly. They are tough and have a nice heft to them.
    I know its a long shot cuz its an old thread. But any way i can get photos of how you did the light and lens? Tha k you and your build looks amazing..

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    Can I get a link to the exact model of mag light for the D Cell from somebody?

    How about a parts list as well?


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