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Thread: MHS Starkiller "Promo" saber BL

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    Default Update

    Howdy again,
    I did a little work on my switch set up with the box. I decided to go with an MR Vader, 3.7v Ultrafire 18650 4000mah, inhilt recharge. For now....yes some may consider it lazy. But what the heck, I did buy enough parts for two of these hilts The MR provided me with a really good option for a latching switch set up in the box that I have cut down, as you will see below.

    My half of a switch box looking at the "open" end

    Then I cut out a piece of 3/8 aluminium rail stock to fit the height of the inside of the box

    I fit them together and this is what I ended up with.
    This is what I eventually ended up with. A single momentary tactile switch. The hole drilled into the rail stock.
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    Nice work on that switch box! Very inventive!

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    Seconded! awesome work.

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    LOVE the use of parts! Awesome work bro!
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    Thanks for the kudos guys
    I have a couple more bits to show, not much but interesting (MO)
    I decided to do a "rear" shroud. "Nothing fancy R4!" but enough to give it a second layer kind of look at the pommel.
    I went with cutting "slots" in the MHS sleeve material, so started with a pattern.
    I lined it all up and decided to attach it to my new giant piece of MHS sleeve, when HA! I found a piece in my bin. Exactly the size that I need. That almost Never happens. The force must be with me

    Glued to the metal, and ready for holes and cutting
    Lastly I decided to go with somewhat of a non-traditional placement for my covertec button. This will with out a doubt keep the shroud in place, and keep from adding another screw to the pommel. I'm also going to "weather" the pommel underneath, so it has a blackened look similar to this.
    I still have alot of touch up to do, but Birchwood Casey's and spray paint really stink, both on thier own and together. So neither will be done today, it was raining
    Well till next time..thanks for lookin
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    Looking good good thing it didn't call for a kobold d ring lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xanatos1986 View Post
    Looking good good thing it didn't call for a kobold d ring lol
    LOL Yeah, I seem to be down to one now LOL

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    This is coming out wicked, WICKED cool. Tip top with the weathering. Looks great.

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    Off to a great start. Cool thing about cutting the box in half is you can always make another!

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    Hello again
    I'm pretty sure this is my last update for this hilt. Cause its finished, done, there is a large woman singing
    I did have a few pics of the cut shroud for the rear (while it was being done) but I erased them. So to make up for it I thought I would show off some saber guts
    I'm using a 7.4 lit-ion (x2) 18650 battery solution, a Blue Lux LED (changing it to Blue P4 tomorrow), and a Novasound dark 3.0 sound board.

    Here is where I ended up with my switch, since I changed what sound card I was using, I re-cut my rail stock and drilled a hole for the activation switch. The little black dot you see at the back of the box is the switch.

    There's still a bit more weathering to do, I may change the grips to leather, and of course as I said change the LED to a Blue P4.
    Ohhh, here's a video
    don't pay too much attention to the dork talkin, just look at the pretty saber...oooooh....aaaaah....
    Thanks for watching
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