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Thread: My saber's first ignition problem

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    Default My saber's first ignition problem

    Hi everyone, I just got my first saber put together and pulled out the kill key. Heard the lil sound that normally plays. But right after that, the saber turns on by itself! So I turn it off, it turns right back on again?? Anyone know why? Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you

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    Are you using a PC? What sort of switch are you using? If you are using a PC, you probably need to go into the configuration files (or R.I.C.E.) and tell it what kind of switch you have installed.
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    Using CF 5.1, Using momentary for main switch and one for aux

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    In the config.txt file, there should be a parameter called "switch" followed by a number. That number needs to be set to "2".

    Or so I guess. I haven't actually managed to get my hands on a CF yet.
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    TuxedoCartman, is wright, it's stated on page 21 of the manual for the CF v5.10

    If you wish to use a momentary switch for the blade activation, set switch to 2.
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    Cool, found it. Thank you everyone for all your help that you have givin me on my build


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