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Thread: Modular pommel system??

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    Ya, I realize I cant convert all of the designs over but most of them I could 1,2,4,6 would work with the design being finished by the insert. This would raise the price of the endcaps though.

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    Honestly I don't think that we would balk at the price. I know that we would love to have other options for incorporating sound. If you build it they will buy it.

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    Here is an idea.....Like Xwing says....use a disk the same diameter ans the heatsink to mount the MR sized speaker to it....make the design simple by instead of making it a disk just make it a ring.....In other words make it with a large hole in the middle of it to let the sound adapt the pomels(which you could do inhouse to pomels you curently have) and this is two foold....drill a hole in the pomel that will except the switches you carry....i have done this many times with your pomel....the second thing is that the hole drilled in the pomel could second as a port ,if not using as a switch mount, to let the sound out of the bottom....I will doa diagram of this now and Edit it onto this post in a few min....

    I have both the switch and the speaker on the diagram...but one would actually chose one or the other since it would be tough for the sound to escape with the switch in the way.

    The great thing about it would be the diversity of it, the person could buy it and decide if he wants the hole to be a sound prot or if he wants the switch to be there....and although it dosnt remedy the twisting wires problem, my response to that would be to make a mount that attaches the speaker to the battery packs MR esque style.....or just have people adhere it to whatever battery pack they are using....and then the pomel just buts up to the speaker and again the stock pomel witha hole in it gives it an excellent resonace chamber.

    Basically a drilled hole in your pomels tim large enough to accept your switches will give you a simple hole for sound to escape and wi much simpler to the grill option you were thinking of implimenting(which would require a complete new design and more money to be spent and charged)

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    I'm definitely all for a system that would allow for pommel switches and a sound grille. Just pop out the blank and insert switch or grille. I also like james' idea of a m/f section with speaker vents. Combine these two and you could have a saber with sound and a pommel switch, which is exactly what I am going for!

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    I just finished this pommel. The inside is machined to be 1 1/8". Big enough for a MR speaker and grill. It is all held in place by a C-spring made of 18 g. wire.

    Tim - is this what you were thinking too?


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    MadCow great design, I would go with this especially like the blank change out option for either a switch or grille.[]

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    WOW Madcow!
    I'd pay you to do one for me if you were willing when I scraped up the cash for my MHS.

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    Unless he remachined an MHS pommel (which Tim could do) that would more than likely be for only Madcow's customs. That's pretty much what I was thinking for the design.

    Have any close ups Madcow? I'd like to see what's going on with the wires. I assume you drilled holes, but I can't see them.

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    Correct X-wing,
    This pommel is for my own... my precious...

    I do believe Tim is thinking of doing the same thing for the MHS pommels - I just wanted to do it first.[]

    X-Wing, here is a closer shot of the inside. The wires will run straight into the handle. I may put a peice of electrical tape on the aluminum nearest to the contact points of the speaker.

    This speaker is one I got on ebay that is the same dimensions of the MR speakers.


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    Madcow that pommel is the snitz, I can only hope Tim is watching and follows suit.

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